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Pain-pressure-right-side-rib-cage, annoying discomfort right rib cage naomi. i am a 45 year old woman and have experienced constant discomfort in my right lower (and sometimes upper) ribcage. the pain "travels". actually i would not call it pain, sometimes it feels as though there is pressure from inside pushing outward against the ribs. like a wadded .... I have a huge amount of pain/pressure under my rib cage on the right side. i also feel the pain on my back and in my - answered by a verified doctor we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website., doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: dr. goodall on rib pressure pain: i see you have tagged nausea and abdominal pain. don't know you age or risk factors. the liver is of course in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen. i don't know if your liver is enlarged, but regardless, with this history you need to be medically evaluated..

Answers from specialists on pressure under left rib cage. first: structures in that area are spleen, kidney, diaphragm, and intestines. true muscle spasm that comes on after exercise is most likely diaphragm and will resolve with conditioning. other causes need to be evaluated by your doctor., hi..i have just joined and because of the excellent questions and answers especially on this issue.. right side back rib pain..pressure..bloating..heart flutters i thought to join the site and share with all.i have had gallbladder removed 20 or so yrs ago. ....

Hi ladies, i am a 42 year old female and have been going through the same thing since july of this year. started with pressure under ribs with slight dull pain. only time that i'm not feeling it is when i'm lying down and anything between 10 minutes to 1hour after waking. ..., having pains in my right side ribcage and middle-right side of my back. any thoughts on what that might be? no abdominal pain. no other pains. this topic is answered by a medical expert..

Hi have a nuisance pain/pressure that is located below not under my right rib cage..about inch or so right of midline.. it feels like a knot or or a golf ball is there.. it is not constant and sometimes is moves to to different locations in this below rib area..i can feel it when i inhale deeply..sitting usally makes it more pronouced standing makes it less noticeable .. eating has no affect ..., ☑ pain pressure right side rib cage. dull pain under right rib cage. x close > how to tell if the pain between your shoulder blades is a. x close > xiphoid process pain lump removal and more. x close > flail chest wikipedia the free encyclopedia. x close > pain in lower left abdomen 12 possible causes..

I have the feeling of a lot of pressure under my right ribs, but i also have pain there too. i was diagnosed with nash 3 and a half years ago.